I come from a long line of hard working Mainers. Life wasn’t always easy growing up. Like many Mainers, my father was a victim of our stalled economy and was laid off when I was a teenager. My mother was a part time high school cafeteria worker. Despite the economic hardships we faced at times, my parents still were able to buy a house, provide a comfortable life for our family, and take part in the American dream — a dream that is nearly impossible for young families and Mainers to achieve in today’s turbulent times.

In my early twenties, I went to work for a startup healthcare company that was focused on improving care and lowering costs for those who were ill and needed medical advice. I then spent some time traveling and working out West. Fifteen years ago, I moved to Downeast Maine.

Getting Down To Business

In 2011, I opened The Independent Cafe as a small take-out espresso shop. After many difficult years, the restaurant is now one of the busiest casual cafes in Hancock County. While these sorts of jobs typically start at minimum wage, I’m proud that we offer our employees eleven dollars an hour to start. The Independent has become a community hub; we support many local area non-profits like the Bar Harbor Food Pantry, source much of our food locally, and compost thousands of pounds of food waste every year.

The Independent has never been just a business — it’s small business the way business should be. I hope to take that same idea to Washington. Our political system is seriously broken and we need real leadership before it’s too late. But, if we’re ever going to change the way the system operates, the first thing we have to do is change the players. We cannot keep sending the same types of decision makers to Congress and expect them to operate any differently than their predecessors.


What We Need In Congress

  • We need someone courageous, passionate, and conscientious who isn’t afraid to try something new when the old ways fail.
  • We need someone who will bring Maine values to Washington and fight like hell for all the folks who are struggling.
  • We need someone who will have the back of the working people in our state.

We need someone who will fight for the rest of us.

You’ll be hearing a lot from me in the next few months and I hope to hear from you! I will be working hard to listen to your concerns and earn your support.



Website under construction. Check back for updates and information on the official campaign launch.